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Who We Are


Doz Solutions is a nationally recognized organization that currently provides a broad range of success strategies that help individuals transform their personal and professional lives.


Financial Solutions

Doz Solutions empowers individuals to build a strong foundation for their lives that will provide short and long-term security. Below are a few of our rewarding services:

  • Legacy Coaching

  • Credit Restoration

  • Financial Planning and Monitoring

  • Mortgage/ Leasing Solutions

  • Estate Planning

  • Insurance

  • Real- Estate/ Investments

  • Private Lending



Corporate Solutions

  • Business Consulting

  • Web Design

  • Leadership Coaching


Doz Solutions provides coaching and consulting for small to medium size businesses by helping them improve their operations, increase their revenue, and ultimately scale their entire performance. With over 10 years of experience in providing solutions to the commercial industry, we have developed a Sustainable Growth Model with our unique approach to business success that integrates business planning, sales, marketing, financial management, operations management and exit strategies.



Our goal is to maintain the ability to take a holistic approach to our valued client family by providing solution driven results and initiating the best possible strategies & practices for long-term success.



Patience Scott
CEO/ Founder
Her Story

Patience Scott is an Author, Success Coach, and Creative Founder of " Iconic Women of Leadership". and "Doz Solutions". Her 15+ years of expertise unfolds in the areas of Healthcare Management & Compliance, Sales & Logistics, Small Business Consulting, and Entrepreneurship. Patience currently empowers women to achieve a life of fulfillment, and discover their divine purpose through her unique Soul Branding and Money Breakthrough Business Strategies.  

Patience also consults small businesses by helping them define their culture, increase their revenue, and ultimately scale their entire performance.


In her latest corporate role at Apple West Home Medical Supply, her responsibilities consist of providing inspired leadership for the operation which involved making high-end corporate decisions, as well as the development and implementation of operational policies and procedures. She also oversaw HR concerns and helped promote a company culture that encourages morale and performance.  The experience and success Patience achieved working with Apple West and other entities over the course of her career, has allowed her to impart virtue in the lives of individuals and business operations, expanding the unique attributes of the diverse cultures she had the pleasure in helping to maintain. 


Patience is driven by her faith and passion to help women maximize their potential. She is dedicated to her mission to discover what she believes to be abundant resources that will equip her and all other virtuous women to be positioned for sustainable success.  She is committed to her journey to provide a soul-centered approach to the global market for women, and ultimately create a culture that will achieve economic development, diversity, and inclusion.   


Patience is not only an advocate of the women's community, she is also a servant at heart and the epitome of determination.

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